• Ravintola


LUNCH IS SERVED 10.30-13.30



Monday 20.5

Lindström´s steaks & creamy bouillon sauce M, G

Butter fried spring potatoes & spring onions L, G

Salmon-smoked vendace-potato casserole L, G

 Pea-beetroot patties M, G, vegan & vegan tzatziki M, G

Basmati rice M, G

Roasted beet & sweet potato with sage-honey, rucola L, G

Ramen soup M, G & Pea-sailing soup L, G

Passion quark L, G

Tuesday 21.5

Kiev chicken & smoked pepper-tomato sauce VL, G

Wiener gravy & mashed potato L, G

Ras El Hanout tofu bean stew & basmati rice M, G, incl. nut, vegan

Smoked vendace and potato salad L, G

Ramen soup M, G & Creamy cabbage Soup L, G

Carrot cake & vanilla creme L

Wednesday 22.5

Rye-breaded red-flounder & tartar sauce L

Dill butter-potatoes L, G

Chicken and vegetable pasta L, G, Coco

Pulled pea-vegetable wok L, incl. coconut, vegan

Bread cheese salad L, G

Ramen soup M, G & Creamy lorel soup L, G

Chocolate brownie L

Thursday 23.5

Rye herring patties L & dill emulsion M, G

Mashed potatoes L, G

Beef lasagne L

Tofu in peanut sauce M, G, vegan & basmati rice M, G

Feta-quinoa salad VL, G

Ramen soup M, G & Vegetable-pea soup M, G

Pancake, jam & whipped cream L

Friday 24.5

Pork neck & sausage BBQ L, G

Potatoes in cream L, G

Broiler Jambalaya & yogurt flavored with lemon M, G

Horse bean and vegetable curry M, G, incl. coconut & basmati rice M, G

Avocado vegetable salad M, G, vegan

Ramen soup M, G & Spinach soup & egg L, G

Oreo milkshake L