• Ravintola


LUNCH IS SERVED 10.30-13.30



Monday 18.3
Indian butter chicken & basmati rice L, G, incl. coconut
Keilaranta hash & Cucumber mayonnaise L
Pulled pea in vegetable-korma sauce M, G, vegan, incl. nut
Tomato-mozzarella salad VL, G
Creamy smoked-celery soup L, G & Tamar soup M, G, vegan
Grandma’s blueberry pie L
Tuesday 19.3
Rye-grated red-perch L & mashed potatoes L, G Lemon tartar sauce L, G
Minced meat sauce M, G
Roasted beets, deep fried tofu & cauliflower cream M, G, vegan
Shrimp-noodle salad & roasted coconut M
Herb-flavored root-mush soup M, G, vegan & Tamar soup M, G, vegan
Blueberry pudding M, vegan

Wednesday 20.3
Overcooked calf neck & dark sage sauce M, G
Potato Vegetable casserole M, G
Collier Gluten Free Ham Bacon Pasta M, G
Keilaranta Beetroot-barley and Lemon sour cream L, G
Goat Cheese-mushroom pie & Rucola VL
Cumin flavored cauliflower soup L, G & Tamar soup M, G, vegan
Oven baked apples & Vanilla Ice Cream L, G
Thursday 21.3
Meat loaf seasoned with fresh herbs & Pepper Sauce L, G
Spinach-potato mash L, G
Indian Broiler-vegetable omelette & Raita sauce  L, G
Tofu-vegetable pasta & lemon grass-coconut sauce M, vegan
Pea soup & slowly cured bacon M, G & Tamar soup M, G, vegan
Italian Panzanella salad VL
Pancake, Cinnamon cream & Jam L
Friday 22.3
Pulled Pork Burritos & Cheese L
Beef lasagna L
Pea-beetroot patty & sesame-roasted swede M, G, vegan
Mint Yoghurt L, G
Taco flavored rice M, G, vegan
Vegetable Borscht M, G, Vegan & Tamar Soup M, G, vegan
Mint-flavored pomegranate-melon salad & nuts M, G
Keilaranta jelly roll L